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 lead generationLife Insurance & Pension Leads

Countrywide Money are one of UK's quality lead generators delivering thousands of fully profiled consumers to our clients each month using our UK call centre and online email/SMS marketing tools.

Countrywide Money generate thousands of Life insurance & Pension leads every week in our UK based call centre and are delivered daily with Hot Key Transfers to help you act quickly to write new business.

Insurance & Pension leads are generated real time and are delivered instantly or within a 24 hour period. All records are fully opted-in, with consumer having agreed to be contacted. All consumers have shown an interest in receiving quotes which could save them money and are looking to purchase within days.

We also hold all historic renewals, which are all complete with renewal dates.

Types of lead generation…

  • Call Centre
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile / SMS Marketing


Lead submission is tailored to each client's specific needs:-

How confident are you in the accuracy of your data? Fancy getting it checked out for FREE? We present you with a report to advise what needs to be done to optimise the quality of your CRM data.

  • Hotkey transfer directly to your team of specialist call handlers.
  • Real time email containing contact and lead details.
  • Daily submission reports at the beginning or end of each day.

Our aim is to set the standard in the highest quality Life Insurance & Pension lead generation that can work for your business, no matter how large or small your organisation.

Our Life Insurance & Pension leads are always 100% Exclusive to you. This means that we never sell a lead twice and you will not be competing with another broker to turn this lead into a paying customer.

Let us show you how Countrywide Money Lead Generation can provide your business with a regular supply of high quality Life Insurance & Pension leads on a regular basis.

Talk to a lead generation specialist today, by filling the form to the right and one of our representatives will get in touch with you, to find out more about your requirements.


Countrywide Money are providing leads for; Unsecured Loans, Payday Loans, Loan Declines, Debt Management, PPI Claims, Life Insurance, Home Insurance, Pensions, Personal Injury, Private Medical Insurance, Utility Switchers And many more...


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