About us

Countrywide Money

Established since 2002, we pride ourselves on the ability and speed with which we could successfully place applications to completion.

As independent finance and Utility company we search the entire UK market to find the best possible option for you based on your personal circumstances and for our part, we’ve considered all our customers’ needs.

In a bid to maintain the efficiency and customer care that has always been our trade mark; we are constantly trying to find new ways to provide a more extensive and personally tailored financial and utility solutions for our customers, regardless of credit history or personal status.

To facilitate this, we are now able to house the increasing amount of admin staff and operators necessary to provide a quick and efficient solution to any finance, Insurance & business Utility applications.

Because we are not owned by a large finance and Utility house, you can be assured that you will be given the best deal available in the UK.

At Countrywide Money, we treat each of our customers as an individual and we are more interested in looking at customer’s current situation and their ability to repay and also with business utility we can source the best possible deals in the entire UK utility market.

Recognised financial institutions & Utility Companies provide the services we recommend.

By combining the technology with the operational expertise of management and staff, Countrywide Money can now offer a full end to end finance solution.

We have partnered with some of the most recognised and established Mortgage Brokers, Lenders, Independent Financial Advicers [IFA’s] and Packagers in the UK, in order to build a representative whole of market panel and develop a unique platform that determines, in real time, the most appropriate finance option for a specific borrower profile.
We believe our success is down to our honest, straightforward approach to helping people find the right finance option.

Why choose us?

We are a member of the NACFB [National Association Of Commercial Finance Brokers]  - Their code of conduct was established to promote and endorse best practice in the Commercial Lending industry. Which means that we have to operate professionally and in your best interest. – WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU!


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